Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A few pictures you might be interested in

I told myself I would post during harvest. The great news is that we are done with harvest, but the bad news is I never did post. So I thought I would do it this morning. Typed a big long explanation of the past couple of months, had some computer issues and lost it. Now I am too lazy to type it again so you get a couple of pictures instead.
The kids:
My fridge:
Look closely.
Twenty weeks!!


Jordon and Terra said...

Yay congrats! I was just thinking about you the other day and how you hadn't updated in forever and was wondering what was going on with you guys! Your kids are getting so big! They are so cute! And yay for harvest being done! I'm sure that is such a good feeling in your family! :)

JaNae Fay said...

Ah!! YAY! Congratulations girl! It's good to see an update!

Joddi said...

Congratulations Julie! You look great, I hope you've been feeling good too!

Mary Lynn said...

I've been waiting for harvest to be over so I have time to post something but I'm not sure when I'll really have time. haha I love the picture of Abby. She's such a cutie!!

Carolee said...

COOL! Congratulations and good luck! What color of blankets this time?

Suzanne said...

congratulations! that is so fun! i miss you! your kids are so cute and getting so big!