Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our summer in five pictures or less

Rather than try to play catch up with all of the things we have done this summer, I thought I would pick five pictures that I like and tell those stories.
Abby learned to pull herself up to standing. I can't believe it. She is only eight months old and doesn't seem big enough for that yet. You can kind of see her cute bedding. I'll have to take a picture later.
Luke got his 'big boy bed'. I was going to make him a quilt to go on it, but when we picked out the fabric it was more to make just the quilt than this whole bed set. Why is fabric so expensive?
On this day he put himself down for a nap after lunch. He does that a lot. Anyway when I went in to check on him he was holding Lightening McQueen, Mickey Mouse and Pongo. What did kids do for toys before Disney? He also put his sippie on the post at the end. He is getting to be so big.

Our friends gave us this slide.

And we got Luke this pool. He loves to go swimming and now that it is getting cooler he is sad that I won't let him go.

Abby has learned to crawl. In this picture she is not actually crawling, but I like that it shows how excited Luke is to have her to play with and how excited she is to finally be able to chase after him. She will chase him from room to room. It has made her so much more content. She doesn't think she has to be held all the time.