Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Special warning from the FDA and AAoP

In an effort to reduce childhood obesity, the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended that all babies be introduced to the grossest food possible first. Eating will be so disagreeable that they will hate food forever and avoid obesity and eating disorders. It works. Abby was not very impressed with Baby Rice Cereal.
She loves drinking out of a cup though.
Luke is my biggest helper. Whenever I ask him what Abby wants he says a drink. Maybe he can understand her better than I can.
She may have thought the rice cereal was bad but. . .

It was nothing compared to the mushy, unflavored vegetables.

( You can't tell in these pictures. But her little bib says "BYU-Idaho Baby" the alumni assoc. sent it when she was born. I think it is so cute.)

As for me, I'll have a piece of cheesecake please.