Monday, March 23, 2009

My inspiration

I love to read Suzanne's blog. It is the most entertaining of any blog I have read, but I always feel guilty when I read all of the cute things that she does. When I taught school I celebrated all of the small holidays, but with my own kids a never feel like going to all of that effort. I already missed Johnny Appleseed Day and Dr. Seuss Day so I decided to start with an easy one. St. Patty's Day. The best thing about all of the stuff Suzanne does is that she keeps it simple and doesn't go to a big expense. I decided she would be my inspiration.

For supper we had green dishes and of course John Deere hats.
Abby looks so Irish.

Green waffles and orange juice for breakfast.

My adorable Leprechaun.

Doug was even a good sport.

You should see the deer

We were headed in to town to pick up Luke from my in-laws a couple of weeks ago. It was about 9:00 at night. There was lots of traffic headed the opposite direction. In between to oncoming cars we saw something running. We thought at first that it might be a dog. And all of the sudden there was a giant deer in our head lights. It was too late to swerve and there was no where to swerve anyway.

Yah that is all that happened to us. We were all just fine. Just a loud thud.
The deer was not so lucky. Everyone at church wanted to know why we didn't take it home to eat. Yes we live in Idaho. The deer is still sitting by the side of the road.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Kayla took our pictures the other day. She has put a few on her blog. Check them out. Especially the ones of Luke. I can't get over them. She did a great job. It was so cute. She could get him to do anything in the pictures (except hold Abby) if she would give him an M & M after the picture. I can't wait to see more.